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Welcome to Mediatool's development department. Our environment when it comes to coding include continuous integration, test first and focus on delivery. We strive to use the latest and best technology whenever possible. We highly value quality code that is scalable and maintainable.

In less than a year we've more than doubled our team and now it is time for the next batch. We have been able to build a very positive and fun atmosphere and team spirit, something that is often brought up in our retrospectives. And we plan to keep it that way.

We recently upgraded our office to a bigger one which is located in the city center of Malmö. Here's not only room for amazing talents but also a ping pong table, darts, nap room and more. 

Mediatool is a flat organization with very short decision paths where every employee has an operational role. We who work here enjoy being self sufficient and take responsibility for our own development, as well as bringing features together by collaborating across our different skill sets in the team. If this way of working suits you, you will thrive in our environment that is creative and simple. We highly value analytical thinking and the ability to structure your own work.

The Environment We Offer


As a junior, you will be contributing to building our actual product. You will have one senior developer to mentor you but also the entire dev department as a resource to learn from. We will guide you step by step through what you need to learn in the time that it takes. A lot of stuff will be new and we invest heavily in making everyone understand what they need to know.

You will learn how to create new features and automatically verify that they are stable and secure to use. Regardless of what you know when you join, your journey with us will be a developing one. You will start focusing on one area that we decide together upon but after one year at Mediatool you will know the basics of:

  •   Functional programming
  •   Backend coding
  •   Frontend coding
  •   Test driven development
  •   Event sourcing
  •   git - for real


With us you will make the journey from good to great. When you start your job here, you are surely fully capable of creating new things of your own and we will make sure you become confident in the full aspects of building features. This includes everything from data models through security and conceptual design to the workings of the frontend. Always with code scalability in mind.

You will work with a code base that is intended to live on for years to come. Therefore we as a team strive not just to deliver working software but code you are proud of and enjoy working with both when you write it and when you use it a few months down the road. 

If you want, you can get the opportunity to work closely with customers and get a sense that you have an impact in their lives.

We'd like you to not just code, but to take part in discussions on how to meet new demands and what to prioritize. You will also be shielded from those customers or sales reps that do not understand the need for a steady pace in the dev team. Your project managers will make sure that tasks are fleshed out and well planned.


As a senior, we hope you still want to code, and we see two main ways for you to find your place at Mediatool. Either as a specialist of a field you are interested in, which might mean architecturing things from the server setup to frontend structure.

You can also have the opportunity to lead a team of more junior members with different capabilities such as backend/frontend coding and design. In this role you will get the trust of the company to design full features with your team and to leverage their knowledge, creating the synergy effects that we love at Mediatool. You will also work closely with the CTO and CPO to plan and sketch out the future of the product.

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